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Dark Kitchen Cabinets Paired With a lighter granite

How To Match Granite With Cabinets

When designing your kitchen, many designers will recommend that you choose your granite countertops before you begin browsing for cabinets. Cabinets are very versatile and can be mixed and matched with door styles and painted or stained in a variety of subtle shades. Granite, on the other hand, is a one-of-a-kind natural creation, and if you choose cabinets first, you’ll be limited in the types of granite you can choose to pair with your cabinets. If you are keeping your existing cabinets for your remodel, start with what you have, and be sure to bring a door or drawer from your kitchen to help you get the best idea of which granite will look best.

Pittsburgh homeowners, Express Cabinet & Granite wants to give you the right things to think about so that you end up with the best granite countertop for your home. We want the process to be as painless as possible.  We post monthly to educate our past, present, and future customers on the subtle details they might come across.  Check out our past blog posts for things you might have missed that can help you with your cabinets or countertop! Keep reading to see suggestions we have that can help you make the best selection for your home.

Should The Granite Countertops Contrast The Cabinets?

Matching granite countertops and cabinets is usually done one of two ways: Contrasting an attribute of the colors or using complementary colors. An example of matching cabinets through contrast would be white cabinets and black granite countertops. A complimentary granite and cabinet match would be the temperature of the color. This could be a warmer-colored granite with a maple-colored cabinet.

What Color Cabinets Should I Have With Dark Granite Countertops?

Whether you choose solid black, patterned black, or another shade of dark granite, there are a few ways you can tie them in with your cabinets. Since the darker countertops make a bold statement, you want to find a cabinet color that complements the countertops but doesn’t compete for attention.
If you prefer a fully dark look, consider cherry cabinets in a dark chocolate finish. Espresso is another great color choice for your cabinets and will give you the same depth as black without completely matching the countertop color. With dark granite, you can also try out gray cabinets or even more adventurous shades such as green or bright yellow, which complement soapstone or darker, leathered granite.

Which Cabinets Should I Use for White and Tan Granite Countertops?

While it may not seem like a difficult task to match tan and white, when it comes to granite, it can be more complicated. Since granite is a naturally occurring material, it has more of an off-white color and can also have flecks of other colors mixed into the pattern.

As we mentioned above, black or espresso-colored cabinets create great, classic contrast, but if you prefer a stained cabinet, you will need to look for the accents of color throughout the granite that you can tie into the color of the cabinet.
If you choose a lighter granite, you can tie it in with your darker accents and your cream or off-white cabinets by picking a cabinet glazing that matches the colors present in the granite.

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