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kitchen cabinets that don't go all the way to the ceiling

Do My Kitchen Cabinets Have to Go All the Way to the Ceiling?

When planning your kitchen remodeling project, you also need to plan how you want to position your cabinets along the walls. Do you want your cabinets to extend all the way up to the ceiling, or would you rather have some open space above? There are pros and cons to both choices. To help you …

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3d rendering of new kitchen cabinets

Reasons Why You Should Avoid Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen remodel can be a huge investment, and cabinets are usually the most expensive component of any renovation. It’s tempting to go for the cheaper option when shopping for kitchen cabinets, but it may not be the best decision in the long run. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the reasons why you should …

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different kitchen island shape with a sink

Kitchen Island Shapes And Design Ideas

Kitchen Islands are extremely beneficial in a modern kitchen. With a well-thought-out, quality island in your kitchen, you can gain additional storage, more seating for eating and hanging out, another sink, or more surfaces to cook on! If you are looking to build a kitchen island, you will first want to ensure it works with …

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shiny granite countertops without paint

Why Can’t I Paint My Granite Countertops?

Granite countertops are a durable and luxurious addition to any home and have become increasingly popular in recent years. But while they add beauty, elegance, and durability to your kitchen or bathroom, painting them is not recommended. There are many reasons why painting granite countertops should be avoided. With all the natural beauty granite has …

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Kitchen cabinet layout with stained cabinets featuring glass windows alongside blue cabinets of a different style

Can I Mix New Kitchen Cabinets with My Old Ones?

Yes, there is a way to mix old and new kitchen cabinets in your home. To achieve this look, you’ll need to plan ahead and consider a few details. At Express Cabinet and Granite, we’ve put together a guide to help you easily blend your current kitchen cabinets with some new ones! Choose Which Cabinets …

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contemporary kitchen cabinet style

Kitchen Cabinet Styles Over the Years

The cabinets in a kitchen can make or break the look and feel of the room. From traditional to modern, they set the tone for the entire space and are a key design element that should not be overlooked. Over the decades, different cabinet styles have become popular and fallen out of fashion as trends …

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kitchen soffit above kitchen cabinets

Using “Soffit” Or The Space Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

The space above kitchen cabinets, also known as “soffit,” can be used for a multitude of purposes. From an aesthetic point of view, it helps to fill the gap between kitchen cabinets and the ceiling with an interesting feature that completes the overall look of your kitchen. It can also provide extra storage space for seldom-used …

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kitchen cabinets with the wall space above called a soffit

Why Is There Space Between The Kitchen Cabinets and The Ceiling?

The kitchen is one of the most important areas in any home, and kitchen cabinets are a major part of kitchen design. When installing new cabinets, you may wonder why most cabinet installation projects have space between the upper cabinets and the ceiling or a section of wall that is flush with the front edge …

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single wall kitchen layout

What is the Best Kitchen Cabinet Layout?

Unless you are building a new house or have a decent-sized kitchen and versatile plumbing layout, you may not have much choice regarding the layout that your kitchen cabinets are installed. Then again, maybe you might. This article is for people who are planning a kitchen remodel or people who are building a new kitchen. …

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man installing new cabinets and making sure they are level

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional For Kitchen Cabinet Installation

If you’re in the market for new kitchen cabinets, you may be wondering if you should install them yourself or hire a professional. There are pros and cons to both options, but in the end, hiring a professional is usually the better choice. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the benefits of …

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