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Granite Countertop That Stand Out

Your countertops serve as a focal point in your kitchen, so you will want the best granite countertops you can get to ensure you get a great look and the right functionality for your kitchen. Before you begin your search for granite countertops, follow these tips from Express Cabinet and Granite to ensure you choose the best-looking and most durable countertops.

Consider a Drop-in Sink

You can save on costs if you opt for a drop-in sink rather than an undermount sink. The countertop manufacturer will typically cut the granite countertop to fit the sink you choose. An under-mount sink will require more extensive cutting, which can make the slab of granite more expensive.


Watch Out For Natural Pits And Hairline Cracks.


While these may add to the natural beauty of the granite, they may also make the countertop more susceptible to damage. This is especially true if the slab is less than 1 inch thick. Speak with the stone fabricator about how the imperfections may affect the durability of the granite and whether they will lead to damage.


Choose thicker countertops.


If you want more durable countertops, choose granite countertops that are at least an inch thick. The countertops that are ¾ inches thick are more fragile and will require supports and laminate edges. While the thinner countertops are more affordable, they are more susceptible to damage. Go for durability with the 1-inch-thick countertops.


Choose Seamless For a Better Look.


While seamless countertops can have a higher price tag, they have a more beautiful appearance than those with seams. Seams will not age well, and within five to ten years, they may have you seeking a replacement.


Customize Your Countertops.


Work with your fabricator to get a customized edge design to fit the details of your cabinets. This will provide a seamless fit with your home and create an appealing look. If you are okay with the standard edges, choose a beveled edge for an elegant look.


Top-Quality Granite Countertops

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At Express Cabinet & Granite, we offer a large selection of beautiful, high-quality granite countertops to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more!

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