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What Granite Countertop Edge Should I Choose?

Part of choosing your countertops includes choosing the type of edges you’d like to have on them. The edges of your countertop provide a beautiful, eye-catching look, and they also affect how easy it is to clean and maintain the countertops.
Some edges can be more difficult to clean, while others may be sharper and pose a hazard to children. This is why it is important to learn more about the different edge options so you can make an informed decision for your kitchen or bathroom countertop edge.

Common Types of Countertop Edges

At Express Cabinet & Granite, we specialize in these common countertop edge types:
  • Eased Edge
  • Beveled Edge
  • Half Bullnose Edge (Demi Bullnose)
  • Full Bullnose Edge
  • Chiseled Edge
  • Ogee Bullnose Edge
  • Ogee Edge
With all these options to choose from, you may be wondering which edge will work best to suit your needs.
It is important to choose countertop edges before installation. Some people make the mistake of not considering the edges enough beforehand.  Here are some other mistakes people make when getting granite countertops installed.

Pros and Cons of Granit Countertop Edges

Eased Countertop Edge

This type of edge offers a soft rounded look that eases gently to the floor. This offers the perfect, safe edge style for homes with children or pets. While they match a variety of kitchen themes and work well In small kitchens, they don’t offer the same visual impact as other more intricate edges. It is also important to note that the top edge has more of a curve than the bottom edge.

Beveled Countertop Edge

With this type of edge, you get a visually appealing 45-degree angle that drops down at a slight right angle. This gives a modern design and prevents spills from hitting the cabinets as they drop to the floor instead. This type of edge is also easy to clean, making granite maintenance easier. Keep in mind; this style offers a sharper edge that may not be safe for children or pets.

Half Bullnose Countertop Edge (Demi Bullnose)

The half bullnose is one of the most commonly chosen granite countertop edge styles. Similar to the full version, this type of edge slopes down to a 90-degree angle. It then slopes straight down to the floor, making it easy to clean since the spills drop to the floor rather than the cabinets.
This is also an affordable option for granite countertops, offering a modern and easy-to-maintain look. It is important to note that this countertop has a sharper edge on the bottom, so it is not ideal for a home with children or pets, and it also offers a more simple look that may not have enough visual impact for some homeowners’ styles.

Full Bullnose Countertop Edge Countertop

With a full bullnose edge, the edge curves all the way around. This gives you a curve on the top and bottom of the countertop edge. With no sharp corners, this type of edge is great for a home with children or pets as well as for small kitchens. This is a versatile edge that looks great with many styles of kitchens, from classic to modern styles.
While this rounded edge looks great, it is important to note that spills will often travel down the curve and onto your cabinets, making cleaning more difficult.

Chiseled Countertop Edge

A chiseled edge is a great way to get a natural rustic look. This edge profile has a rough, natural look rather than a polished fabricated cut. This is a great style for home movers who are looking for a visually stunning edge.
Keep in mind the rough edges can cause abrasions if someone runs into them. Also, messes can be difficult to clean up as spills and crumbs can get into the cracks. This style is not appropriate for every style kitchen, offering less versatility than other edge styles.

Ogee Countertop Edge

If you are looking for an edge that exudes luxury, look no further than the ogee edge. This edge features a rounded ‘S’ shape along the edge of your countertop, softening the countertop edge and providing an elegant look.
The soft edge also makes the countertop safer for pets and children. The ogee edge is versatile and offered in flat, cove, and deep styles.
One con of this edge is that it can be too much for certain styles of kitchens and can be difficult to clean due to the grooves. They are also better suited for larger kitchens because they look and feel heavy in a small kitchen space.
Professional Granite Countertop Installation Services
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