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8 Things to Consider When Buying a Granite Countertop

Granite countertops offer beauty and luxury to your space and stills eve as a popular material option in addition to quartz, marble, and other countertops materials. If you have never purchased granite countertops before, then there are a few important things you will need to consider.

What You Need to Know about Buying Granite Countertops

Granite is the general term that is used to describe the granular igneous rocked that is formed by indigenous materials and cool magma. The patterns and colors of granite vary based on the place the granite was quarried. Granite varieties can have red, blue, gold, pink, or grey streaks for a beautiful appearance.
A few major factors that can affect the pricing of granite is the rarity of the granite vein, the thickness, and the fabrication you choose.

Carefully Choose the Granite Pattern

Granite countertops offer a beautiful appearance due to the movement of color and the pattern of the streaks and dapples. When choosing granite countertops, examine the pattern and determine the type of look you want in your countertops. For an energizing, stunning look, you can choose stronger, more graphic patterns, or if you want a more calming, serene look, you can choose softer patterns and colors.

Avoid Choosing Solely from the Sample

A sample is not big enough to show you the entire pattern and look of the granite. When you purchase granite for countertops, you are essentially purchasing the entire slab, so it is important to view the entire slab before purchasing.
It’s important to look at the whole slab because fabricators will use as much of the slab as they can in order to ensure matching sections and to minimize waste. In some cases, you may even be able to purchase two or more slabs from the same lot to accommodate a larger kitchen and create a cohesive pattern.

Consider Slab Thickness

Granite slabs are all sliced differently. Some may be one inch in thickness, while others may be three inches. For thicker slabs, you can expect to pay more compared to thinner slabs. When choosing the thickness of the granite, it is important to make sure that your cabinets are sturdy enough to support the weight of the granite.

 Install Your Cabinets First

Prior to the fabricator coming to your home for your granite countertops, you will need to have your cabinets installed. In most cases, many kitchen appliances can fit underneath the countertops, but if you are planning to install a new sink or cooktop, you will need to let your countertop fabricator know so they can take proper measurements to ensure a great fit.

Consider Avoiding Seams

When having granite countertops installed in your kitchen, you will want them to have a few seams as possible. This will allow for less interruption in the color and pattern of the granite for a more streamlined, consistent look. With seamless slabs, not only do you get a beautiful looking, but you also help the countertops retain their value when compared to seamed pieces. Depending on your kitchen’s design, your fabricator can likely perform your countertop installation without seams.

Choosing the Edges

While the edge of the countertop may seem like a small detail, there are a variety of options to choose from that can help complete the look of your granite countertops. From elegant beveled or ogee edges top bullnose or raw-edged countertops, there are a variety of edges you can choose from to add a special touch to your overall look.

Picking the Right Finish

The finish you choose for your granite countertops can transform the look of the granite. If you wanted a reflective, glossy appearance, you could opt for polished granite. For a more interesting look, you may consider a leather finish for a textured look or honed granite for a smooth, matte look.

Choose the Right Countertop Installation Company

Granite is a beautiful material, but it is not easy to work with, so it is important to work with a professional granite countertop installation company to ensure you receive the best results. When choosing a countertop installation company, be sure to:
  • Ask about their cutting equipment. You will want to make sure they have updated equipment that will provide clean, accurate cuts to ensure your cabinets are covered properly, and the pieces are seamed correctly.
  • Check their references and past work. Be sure to ask for references so you can see what past customers have to say about working with them. You will also want to ask them to show you what the seams will look like. Ask to see photos of previous installations to see the quality of their work.
  • Check their credentials. You will want to see if your granite fabricator is a member of the Marble Institute of America and your local home builder’s associations.
  • Look beyond the cost. A reputable countertop installation company will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision, rather than focusing on price alone.

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