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Granite Countertop Types

If you are remodeling your kitchen, choosing the right type of granite is crucial to give you the style and the durability you need to complete your kitchen. Granite is a durable and beautiful option for kitchen countertops, but with so many varieties out there, it can be difficult to decide which one will work best for you.

Basics About Granite

Granite is a natural, igneous stone and is used for a variety of elements in kitchens. Granite is typically light-colored, with a coarse grain, and mainly consists of quartz and feldspars along with some amphibole minerals and mica. All types of granite work great in everyday use because they are strong and heavy, water-resistant, and durable.

Types of Granite Colors

The different types of granite get their color and pattern from materials within the stone, such as amphiboles, feldspar, quartz, potassium, and mica minerals. The different granite colors are created by the different concentrations of these minerals in the stone.

Minerals such as quartz give granite a milky white color, while feldspar will give you more of an off-white shade. With amphibole, you get a dark green or black color, and with an abundance of potassium feldspar, you can get a unique salmon color. Muscovite gives a yellow or metallic gold color, and biotite provides a black or dark brown color.

Choosing the Right Color for Your Kitchen

From modern to rustic, there are a variety of styles to choose from when determining how you want your kitchen to look.

White Granite

If you are looking for a fresh, classic look, you may want to consider white granite. This type of granite features milky white quartz and opaque white feldspar minerals and provide a truly unique look with the various shades, veining, and spots of different colors. White countertops provide a classic look that goes great with splashes of bright colors or a neutral palette.

Black Granite

If you are leaning more toward chic style, black granite is the choice for you. Black granite is gabbro rock, which is an igneous stone that is like basalt and contains amphibole and olivine minerals. If you are looking for a solid color to create contrasting, black countertops are a great option. You can combine dark countertops with white or gray cabinets or keep everything a deep color for a dramatic look. Different types of black granite feature different veining patterns and can even be found with flecks of silver or gold.

Brown Granite

For those who prefer more natural tones, brown and gold granite countertops will work great for your color scheme. Brown countertops work great for homeowners who prefer neutral, natural tones and also look great in kitchens that have natural wood kitchen cabinets.

Tan granite is a great choice for dark brown cabinets, and dark brown granite is a perfect way to complement your tan cabinets. This type of granite is great for homeowners looking to build a rustic-style kitchen.

Gray Granite

For homeowners who prefer an elegant and classy look for their kitchen, consider gray granite. Gray is another neutral color option that offers striking flecks of color such as creams, reds, rusts, silvers, blacks, and golds. Gray granite provides a contemporary, subtle color that complements the other elements and colors of your kitchen.

Choosing the Granite Edge

Once you’ve decided on the color, you will need to choose the type of edge you want on your countertop:

  • Eased Edge Type – This popular option is not too rounded or too sharp, featuring a 90-degree square edge that is slightly eased. This makes the granite appear thick and will not hold spills for easy cleaning.
  • Straight Edge Granite Type – This features a slightly-rounded edge and adds a great touch to contemporary kitchen interiors.
  • Ogee Edge – This is a classic edge that has a groove on the bottom that is rounded. You can choose for this edge to have a subtle line or a deeper line. The curves are attention steeling and can make cleaning more difficult.
  • Beveled Edge Granite Type – This edge is great for a modern kitchen, featuring a 45-degree angle clipped flat corner. This bevel can be customized to meet your needs and is easy to clean.
  • Waterfall Granite Edge Type – This provides a round, clean look that works well for modern designs. It gets its name because it appears to have no edge at all, hence the name waterfall. This is a safe and easy to clean edge.
  • Bullnose Edge Type – This edge is rounded for a sophisticated look. If you want a thinner, more classic edge, this is perfect for your kitchen. It is also an edge that makes cleaning easy.

Granite Countertop Installation in Pittsburgh

At Express Cabinet and Granite, we offer a wide selection of high-quality granite countertops and provide expert granite countertop installation. Pittsburgh homeowners can create the kitchen of their dreams by working with our experienced team. Contact us today to learn more.