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New Kitchen Cabinet Styles

If you are looking for new cabinets for your kitchen, it’s important to know your options. With so many new kitchen cabinet styles available on the market, it can be difficult to know which style will best suit your kitchen. At Express Cabinet and Granite, we’ve put together a guide on the latest styles to help you decide!

Add Luxury with Golden Touches

If you want to add an enchanting touch to your kitchen cabinets, treat them with gold! Consider floor-to-ceiling cabinets adorned with golden accents. This will ensure you have plenty of storage to keep your kitchen organized and your countertops clear while giving it a luxurious touch!

Try Out the Color Block Kitchen Look

You can use alternative wood for your kitchen cabinets and can also paint a few cabinets for a color-block look. You can also simply just have different colored kitchen island cabinets. Another option would be to keep the cabinet boxes one color and have the doors be a different color. This style looks great with the contrast of white walls and cleverly placed appliances which will both enhance this style.

Achieve a Clean Look with Dark Finishes

Dark colors give off a luxurious feel. Consider dark blue for a stunning, clean look. Adding accents such as butcher block countertops and an accent rug, your kitchen will look trendy and modern!

Flat Front Cabinets for a Modern Look

Flat panel kitchen cabinets, paired with luxurious marble countertops and backsplash, offer a clean, modern look that will turn heads and keep you on trend and compliment a home style that is already minimal and modern.

Pair Wood Shelving with White Cabinets

Change up your storage by pairing exposed hardwood shelving and clean white cabinets. This creates both an industrial and a cozy look for your space. If you have dinnerware that is uniform, stylish and compliments your style of cabinets and the design of your kitchen, they can be the final touch this room needs.

Conceal Appliances with Custom Cabinetry

With custom cabinets, you can conceal appliances such as your refrigerator for a sleek, practical style. If you view appliances as strictly utilitarian and not a design compliment, hide them! You can even get custom kitchen cabinets and drawers to conceal smaller appliances such as coffee makers, blenders and more. These days there is a specialty appliance for every application. You can benefit from these without having a cluttered look. Specialty spaces are a new kitchen cabinet trend, and they are often more versatile than you would think!

Create Specialty Spaces

Have spice racks or special storage for kitchen utensils built into your cabinets to ensure you get the most out of your space and make your kitchen easier to use. If you change your mind a lot, this may not be the way for you to go, but if you know how you want things, set your new kitchen cabinets the way you want them from the beginning and keep things orderly.

Ready for New Kitchen Cabinets? We Can Help!

Express Cabinet and Granite is your top choice for new kitchen cabinets! Pittsburgh homeowners can choose from a wide array of kitchen cabinet styles to create a beautiful kitchen!