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countertop over hang on kitchen island.

Should My Countertop Have A Larger Overhang?

A countertop overhang is a lip that extends over the cabinets, typically about 1- 1/2 inches, to prevent spills and crumbs from getting inside the cabinets. By increasing the size of this overhang, you not only further protect your cabinets, but you can increase seating, food prep space, and more.

How Much Space Do I Need to Increase My Countertop Overhang?

You don’t need a large amount of space to increase your overhangs. Just a little extra space can allow you to increase your overhangs and create more functionality in your kitchen. We recommend adding more space on your kitchen island or bartop if your room is big enough since it is central to the room and will be where most of the gathering happens in the kitchen. You will want to ensure adequate space remains so foot traffic does not become cramped.

What are the Benefits of Extra Counter Space?

Additional countertop space can add convenience and functionality to your kitchen, as well as make it more impressive.  There are several benefits to extra counter space, including:

Extending Your Food Prep Area

Those who cook often will tell you there can never be enough countertop space to prepare meals! With a few more inches of countertop space, you can increase your food prep area and eliminate the need to move things around as much! You can even have room for all your seasonal decorations if your room is big enough!

Making Your Kitchen More Comfortable

If you have an island or a bar in your kitchen, you should typically have knee space at the countertop at least 17″ deep. For seating around your kitchen island or bar, a deeper overhang can create a more comfortable area for seating for yourself and your guests. Having a larger overhang allows you to narrow the gap between you and the countertop, what you are doing on it, and ensures that you do not hit your knees off the cabinets below. Just make sure it is properly reinforced!

Creating Space for Doing Homework

The kitchen is the home’s central hub, and with a kitchen island, you’ve created the central hub of the kitchen. If extra counter space is installed, you can make plenty of room where your family can sit with tablets, laptops, and homework papers without impacting your food preparation and giving everyone more room.

Add Room for More Seating

If you extend your kitchen island countertops on two sides, you can increase your seating area. When families grow, there never seems to be enough room. Avoid setting up a card table in the living room; expand your seating with a larger countertop overhang.

Make Room for Entertaining

As we mentioned earlier, the kitchen is the center of the home, and this is also the case when you are entertaining. Many gatherings end up in the kitchen, so adding additional inches to the countertops can give your guests more room to place their food and drinks while they mingle. It will also give you more room to put all your appetizers, snacks, and dishes. Think of the charcuterie board you could fit on your kitchen island if you just got a bigger granite countertop installed?

Ready to Extend Your Countertop Space?

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