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Why Can’t I Paint My Granite Countertops?

Granite countertops are a durable and luxurious addition to any home and have become increasingly popular in recent years. But while they add beauty, elegance, and durability to your kitchen or bathroom, painting them is not recommended. There are many reasons why painting granite countertops should be avoided. With all the natural beauty granite has to offer, the question that makes more sense is; why would you want to paint your countertops?

Reasons Not to Paint Your Granite Countertops

There are many reasons. Here are a few:

Granite Countertops Natural Strength And Beauty Will Be Muted and Weakened

Granite countertops are stunning and offer unique colors and patterns to match your kitchen space, which will only be covered if painted. Granite is a durable material resistant to stains, heat, and scratches. If the countertops start to look worn or outdated and you want to change them, you should replace them rather than paint them. It would look better, last longer, and be more functional to purchase a cheaper countertop option than applying paint to your stone countertops.

Painting Granite Countertops Is Far More Effort Than The Finished Product Is Worth

Painting your granite countertops involves more than just purchasing a nice paint color and painting over the countertop. For the paint to adhere to the granite, you need to etch or rough up the granite surface to ensure the paint sticks. This process can be done chemically or mechanically but should be done by a professional. Once painted, the countertops must be sealed with a high-quality, specialized coating that will resist heat and moisture. Once it has been etched and the sealant that was already on your granite countertops has been destroyed to allow the paint to adhere. If you decide after the fact that the paint route wasn’t a good choice, this will all need to be restored, or you will need to purchase a new countertop anyways.
Without the right knowledge or tools, this process can be challenging and result in poor results and expensive repairs. Once you call in the experts and they provide you with a quote to complete the paint job, you will find that what you’re spending to paint the countertops could pay for a cheaper countertop replacement, that looks better than painted granite will and last longer.
Paint, even if professionally applied, is not as strong as granite, and over time, it will wear down and crumble. It will also be worn down by moisture and can become stained or flake off the countertop.
Why risk buyer’s remorse on cheap “upgrades”?

Alternatives To Painting Your Granite Countertops

If your granite countertops have lost their luster and you are thinking about painting them, there are several things you can do before you make the mistake of painting them.

Hone Them

Talk to a professional and see about getting a quote to have them honed. This will break through the old sealant, and etching, and reduce your granite countertops to the hard stone that they were when they were pulled from the earth. Granite survives indefinitely outside, so there is no reason it shouldn’t while inside your house. It just needs some work to get to a more youthful layer. Once your granite countertops are honed and resealed with a food-safe sealant, they will be almost as good as new!

Replace Them With Something Cheaper

If you are restricted by budget, and determined to have a different appearance for your countertops, consider a cheaper option like laminate countertops, solid surface countertops, or even tile countertops. These options enable you to change the look of your kitchen for a low price, though they don’t offer the durability that granite does. One of the benefits of tile countertops is that when one tile cracks, or is damaged in another way, you can replace it if you buy extra tiles initially.

Granite Countertop Replacement

If you have decided that better-looking countertops are a priority in your household, you can always save up over time, take out a loan or try to find gently used countertops, or remnants to piece one together.

Whatever you decide, we believe painting granite countertops is a mistake. Learn some other granite countertop mistakes on our blog!

Granite Countertop Installation Service in Pittsburgh

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